Survivor Stories Consortium

Narcstalgia is looking for amateur writers. The ability to create a literary masterpiece is not required. Perfectly imperfect expression from your soul is what we’re looking for. Are you are a survivor of narcissistic or other toxic abuse with a have desire to help others by sharing your experiences and insights? Do you love to write, but are not quite ready to launch your own blog or compromise your privacy? This may be a place for you to start.

I’m no longer scared into silence

Narcstalgia is the realization of an intent I set many years ago, while I was still with a narcissist.  I felt so trapped, so misunderstood, and like no one, including clinical professionals and even my own family, believed my accounts of the increasingly devastating forms of emotional abuse he was inflicting. It was my dream that someday after I left, I would discretely share my truths, and I would help others do the same. And that someday, “they” would read our words and they would know… and yet, I have no desire to shame my narc or draw attention to myself.

This has never been about me

I’ve got plenty to say, so why didn’t I just create my own blog? First, I’m simply not that interesting. (Really!) What is interesting is that so many survivors from all walks of life, socioeconomic groups and ethnicities have such similar stories.

Second, I’m not a subject matter expert. What I offer is limited to my personal experience, opinions, and observations from hearing survivor stories as a coach. What works for one person may not work for another and I’m a big believer in the power of collective wisdom.

write about narcsBy sharing our personal stories about surviving narcissistic abuse, we empower each other. We learn that we are not alone, we are not crazy, and that there is hope. What makes our stories significant are the real, raw human parts, and our personal insights and stories of triumph. Survivors who are recovering are among the wisest people I know-never underestimate the impact your words will have on the reader who needs to see them at the right time.

Welcome to Narcstalgia, my safe place and yours. What’s your story?

@Coach Amy

Copyright August 2017, all rights reserved

Please email for details on how to submit material. No previous writing experience is required. You will need a pen name. Basic editing for privacy, grammar, readability, SEO, and to add relevant artwork will be provided.  All inquires and participation are strictly confidential.

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