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Share your truth… safely

Narcstalgia is a blogging site I created for survivors and those coping with narcissistic abuse to be able to join voices and candidly share stories and insights anonymously.

Do you have something to say? Have you been silenced by fear and shame, or simply a desire to protect your privacy and that of your family? Have you always dreamed of writing a blog but just don’t know how to get started? Do you have rudimentary writing ability? This may be the place for you to start. The ability to create a literary masterpiece is not required. Perfectly imperfect expression from your soul is where we’ll start.

Have you been scared into silence?

This blog is the realization of a long-term intent I set for myself many years ago. I was married to “my narcissist”. I felt trapped, misunderstood, and like no one, including clinical professionals or even my own family, believed my accounts of the increasingly bizarre forms of emotional abuse he was inflicting. It was my dream that someday after I left, I would share my truths and help others do the same. Maybe someday, “they” would read our words and know the truth.

It isn’t just about me

I’ve got skills, experience and a lot to say. Why not just create my own blog? That’s just never been my dream. I believe in the power of collective wisdom. I’m committed to helping victims and survivors. Launching this writing venture is one of several avenues to facilitate that.

Your story matters

I am in contact with thousands of survivors and I know my story is not unique. And yet it is completely different. And so is yours. When we share survivor stories, we empower each other as we support, mentor and learn from each other. Most importantly, we learn that we are not alone and we are not crazy. And what makes our stories special are the real, raw human parts. Survivors who are recovering are among the wisest people I know and you should never underestimate the impact your words will have on the reader who needs to see them at the right time.

Welcome to Narcstalgia, my safe place and yours. What’s your story?

Please email for details on how to submit material. No previous writing experience is required.  You will need to select a pen name. Basic editing for privacy, grammar, syntax and readability, SEO, and to add relevant artwork will be applied to each blog.  All inquires  and participation are strictly confidential.

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